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Water damage from a washing machine


Renovation Working hours: 27-35

* A washing machine located in the kitchen was leaking water on the floor of the property.* Long ridges could be seen on the surface of the kitchen floor. * The humidity in the toung and groove boarding was measured at 30 – 50p%. * Higher surface moisture values were observed in the raised floor areas. Where the washing machine had spilled water next to the floor insulation, humidity was measured at 25cm depth at rh. 48%/23,4ºC * The apartment below was not accessed on the first visit. * The water leaked onto the floor had reached the floorboards through seams in the cork tiling floor and swollen the wood so that long bumps were caused in the boards along the gap points. * On first visit no moisture was seen to have been spilled near the machine, but it is not excluded that the insulation space would be contaminated by water eg. from behind the washing machine or kitchen sink cabinet. Washing machine leak in the kitchen / measures taken: * The leakage area (kitchen) was cleared, cork floor tiles and ulderlying boarding which was causing dampness were removed. * Kitchen cupboards were dismantled. * Required screening and sanding and levelling. More information • Building type: Apartment • Originating area: Kitchen • Damaged facilities: Kitchen • Damage type: Water • Damage subtype: Washer / Appliances • Damage Cause: Flood • Rooms: Kitchen • Renovation Hardware: Vacume Generator, Cleaner, Measuring equipment, Demolition equipment, Sanding and Protective equipment

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