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Water storm damage


Renovation Working hours: 17-27

* During a strong storm, water came into the apartment living room as a result of water entering the the space beneath the roof. * The structures were inspected via a 20mm drill hole. There was damage to the apartment’s papered concrete walls. *The ceiling surfaces were painted. * In the living room, considerably high surface moisture values were observed in hairline cracks in the ceiling. * The damp area was approximately150x50mm. * In the attic, an area of around 2m² was found to have significantly high surface moisture values. * The water had reached the floor of the attic through a window possibly left open during renovation. * The bottom of the window had a 2x2cm stop so the window could not be opened. The window latch was not closed, and thus the top of the main window remained open approximately 5cm through which rain water entered during the storm. * In addition, all of the 14 attic windows were missing silicone seals, both inside and out. * Moisture was observed around all of the windows. * Ventilation apertures were built into two windows on the site which also allowed rain to enter. * The ventilation openings in the fins were either too short or at too small an angle. * Recommended measures: • removal of damaged coatings from the moistened areas of the apartment • sealing of windows and improvement of the vent structure. • floor and moistened structures required mechanical drying. * Required protective measures. * Damaged coatings were removed from the apartment ceiling. * Attic insulation space was dried. More information • Building type: Apartment • Originating area: Drying and laundry room (in the attic) • Damaged facilities: Drying and laundry room, living room • Damage type: Water • Damage subtype: Skylight • Damage cause: Flood • Rooms: Drying and laundry room, living room • Renovation Hardware: Vacume Generator, Cleaner, Dryer, Measuring equipment, Drilling and Protective equipment  

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