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Water damage from a kitchen sink tap leak


Renovation Working hours: 28-36

* A resident reported a smell in a kitchen cupboard. * On visiting, the surface meter readings taken in the cupboard represented wetness. * The tap was found to be leaking into the sink cabinet below and removing the plinth revealed mould in the cabinet base. * The covering was vinyl * Kitchen tap leak / measures taken: • lower cabinets removed • kitchen flooring removed • prepared wetted floor areas • temporarily supported sink • dried structures * required protective measures and necessary electrical and plumbing. More information • Building type: Apartment • Originating area: Kitchen • Damaged facilities: Kitchen • Fire services involved?: No • Structures demolished: Yes • Structures damaged: close proximity damage • Damage type: Water • Damage subtype: Tap • Damage Cause: Flood • Rooms: Kitchen • Renovation Hardware: Vacume Generator, Cleaner, Measuring equipment, Sanding and Protective equipment

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  • Työtunnit: 28-36h