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Fuel oil tank breakage


Renovation Working hours: 121-146

During refurbishment, an underground 10 m3 fiberglass oil tank and light fuel oil contaminated soil from around it was removed. About 3000 litres of water and about 4500 litres of pure oil from top of the water was aspirated from the container at the time. * Site renovators completed the soil exchange. The contaminated soil was more than 90 tons. * During work on the bottom of the trench, water formed and had to be pumped through an oil separator into the drains / permission had to be obtained. * Clean masses of soil been dumped in the courtyard area and were used to fill the pit. * The light fuel oil tank and excavated mass of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil was removed. * Only at the front wall of the building and drainage fall pipe was less than a total of about 4 m3 lower reference compounds found over the land mass. * The petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil which remained was not considered to present a risk to health. * The water from a drinking water pipe which goes through the contaminated area will be monitored yearly by water sampling until the house is connected to the drinking water network by its own direct interface. More information • Building type: Industrial Building • Damaged facilities: Storage Building • Damage type: Environment • Damage subtype: Oil spill • Damage Cause: Oil • Renovation Hardware: PetroFLAG-field test, PID meter, Protective equipment

Tehdyt toimenpiteet

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  • Työtunnit: 121-146h