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Fire, smoking, furniture


Renovation Working hours: 260-320

* Smoking in bed caused the bed and bed linen and bed to ignite. Soot deposits were spread all over the large detached house.* The supporting roof structure burned out also some of the roof tiles were broken ==> contained asbestos, all asbestos contents were cleaned prior to packing. * Movable items were packed and transported to our warehouse for cleaning and storage. * Laundry was delivered to the laundry services, shoes were taken to the shoemaker, and electronics were cleaned. * Movable property was removed and listed. * Personal property which could not be cleaned was taken from the house or storage to the waste skip. * Washing of furniture, decorative objects, dishes, books etc.. * Fabric sofas and chairs were washed * Furniture (backings) contaminant encapsulation. * Transfer of personal property to storage from our warehouse. More information • Building type: Detached • Fire services extinguished the fire?: Yes • Structures demolished: Yes • Structures damaged: Broad damage • Damage Type: Fire • Damage subtype: Apartment Fire • Damage Cause: Smoking • Rooms: Kitchen, Entire apartment, Bedroom, Living Room, Utility Room, Toilet • Renovation Hardware: Vacume Generator, Cleaner, Protective Equipment  

Tehdyt toimenpiteet

  • Saneerattu
  • Työtunnit: 260-320h