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Water Damage from the ventilation plant room


Renovation: Working hours: 54-68

* Traces of moisture were found in the flat ceiling area of the apartment’s rooms (two bedrooms and a walk-in closet). A wetted area was located above the ventilation plant room. * Also, at the front edge of the roof of the lift machinery room, a leak was found along the seams of the roofing material. * The tin roof decking of the area was wet. * High water traces were found in the roof frame and below. * From the floor of the machine room, water had penetrated into the structural slots of the roof insulation space and caused subsequent damage to the ceiling of the apartment. * Recommendations: • Check the roof structure ventilation into the engine room • check the state of drying of the roof insulation • check damage to the moistened surfaces of the apartment, fixtures and fittings. Undertake unloading and drying. * Required protective measures, including vacuum enclosure. * Performed demolition, milling and drying work related to the apartment and claims in regard to the room ceiling surfaces. More information • Building type: Apartment • Damaged areas: Apartments, Cloakroom, Master Bedroom • Damage type: Water • Damage subtype: Flood • Damage Cause: Flashing, open seams • Rooms: Cloakroom, Master Bedroom • Renovation Hardware: Vacume Generator, Cleaner, Dryer, Measuring equipment, Drilling and Milling equipment, Protective equipment

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