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Water damage from powder snow in the attic


Renovation Working hours: 21-29

* Residents found the apartment living room dripping water from the ceiling. * They went to the attic and found several areas where snow had blown in on top of the insulation, which they removed. * One terraced apartment living room ceiling had aproximately one meter of damage, with around 10cm of damage extending into the second appartment. * In the attic, insulation felt wet to the touch above the living room area. * Roof trusses were found to have moisture caused by water stains on the edge of the building. * In the roof drain located on the roof there was a gap where the wind could push snow into the attic space. * The first snows of autumn combined powder snow with a very strong wind which blew snow from a residents porch roof into the attic space. * When the snow melted, the water then fell from the ceiling into the living room causing snow storm water damage. Actions: • The wet wool was removed • Fire resistant insulation was temporarily installed into the air gap for the drying period • The resident said they would dismantle and store the porch roof over the summer. • Similarly, they would repair the interior ceiling surfaces when they restored the apartment next spring. More information • Building type: Terrace • Originating area: Roof space • Damaged areas: Living room • Damage type: Water • Damage subtype: Flood • Damage Cause: Moisture Damage • Rooms: Living room • Renovation Hardware: Cleaner, Measuring equipment, Protective equipment  

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