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Water damage from a staircase window


Renovation Working hours: 6-11

* In an apartment building, a stairwell window between the second and third floors was seen to be leaking at its lower level. * The window bench showed extensive water damage, as well as mild surface moisture values on the bench and the floor in front of it. * The stairwell area between the first and second floors was found to have slightly higher surface moisture values near the ceiling. * The paint was also bubbled at that point. * Recommendations: • Removal of coatings from the moistened areas (not the floor) • Repair the leaking window. • Surfaces to remain open for a couple of weeks after which measurements will be retaken. * Actions taken / stage window leakage: • Screed removed from stairwell and wet areas. • Area dried out naturally. * Partial protective measures necessary. More information • Building type: Apartment • Originating area: Stairway • Damaged areas: Stairway • Fire services involved?: No • Structures demolished: Yes • Structures damaged: close proximity damage • Damage type: Water • Damage subtype: Window • Damage Cause: Flood • Rooms: Stairway • Renovation Hardware: Cleaner, Measuring equipment, Protective equipment

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